How to quckly copy CDs with Safedisk r5

Do any of you highly intelligent people know how to create an image of a CD protected by safedisk r5 with any decent speed on your HD using any program??

Help Me! The stupid protection is driving me mad!!

use clonecd…

I do use CloneCD but it tkes an hour and a half to read 1%. And after waiting for 2% I just get fed up and quit. Is there any special settings or patch that could maybe do it in under an hour? I am using ver. and am trying to copy Rogue Spear with a LG CD-RW.

Well i had same probs with my dvd drive.
Try reading in your burner or use the “fast error skip”



Only the first couple of % take a lot of time. The complete process won’t take any longer than 8 hours or so, and that is with a low quality reader.


Thanx for all your help lads. I’ll try leaving it in my cd burner using CloneCD for longer and get back to you.


With fast error skip I get safedisk protected cd on my hd in image form in about 10 minutes. It shouldn’t take so long. Maybe you can try a different version of clonecd.
I’ve had the same problem once, and a different version worked for me.

I left Rogue Spear overnight to copy and it worked. How the hell can ou copy it in ten minutes?!?! What version of CloneCD do u use and what settings? Do u use any other software aswell? What CD did u copy with that anyway, or do u just have an ultra fast CD burner?

To answer your questions on the forum also in this way, here it is:

I use CloneCD version
I use princo cd’s, but that’s not important since the cd’s I backup are originals most of the time(yes I have my contacts :))
But if I copy a copy of a safedisc protected game I have no problem at all either. Ten minutes at most. If it contains music it might take a bit longer, up to 30 minutes.
I have a Plextor 412C. Which read at 12x max and burns at 4 speed. Quiet an old burner, but Plextor and so of the best quality.
For safedisc protected games I use no other program then clonecd.

So the only thing I can think of, is that it is either your burner or your clonecd version.
Maybe your burner just can’t handle errors very well or your clonecd version isn’t working correct with your burner in respect to the error skipping.
Also make sure when you use fast error skip, put the setting of error correction on software, hardware correcting might not be supported or very slow.

That’s all I can think off.

Good luck!

Also don’t forget if you enable fast error skip to set the “read retries” to 0. You can see this ettings by presiing the little hand next to Fast Error Skip.

And a little additional info: for SafeDisc errors occur in the sectors (roughly) between 400 en 10.000 (the first 5% of the disc). If you have a good error skipper (like indeed Plextor) it will take you about 6 minutes to complete the entire disc. I myself have had a Sony CRX 120 (4/4/24) which could read The Sims (SafeDisc) protected in 6 mins. My Plex (12/10/32A) is a little faster in reading these sectors. I love it :smiley:

for sd2 copying you should always use fast error skip