How to quckly copy CDs with laserlock

Hi…I recently asked the forum about copying games safdisk r5 protected and you were a lot off help so I’m back again asking how to copy cds laserlock protected. It can only get to 2% after 9 hours, but I still haven’t tried it with fast error skip, should I? Any advise would be very helpful.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I have never tried to wait for the laserlock protection to be copied. I always use a crack and leave out the laserlock dir. That works great.
It’s much faster to download a crack, and I’m not sure if you wait, whether the cd will work.

many many cracks are easy to find

I used to download cracks and copy the CDs w/o the laserlok dir., but I found a much easier way ;-). I found a fantastic program called “blindwrite”, you’ve probably heard of it, and it can read a Cd image- including the laserlok dir in no time(about half an hour)!!!

Thanx Shako_00

blind read schijn beter weg te kunnen met laserlock als clone cd. Doch duurt het nog bijna 2 uur om cd (originele) te lezen mel plex 8/2/20

CloneCD anyone?

Try CloneCd works always
(by myself)