How to put two movies on one disk?



I have a few short movies, like 1/2 hr each that i would like to combine on one dvd-r disk, but don’t know how to do this.
I have been using dvdshrink and then just burning the video_ts files onto a disk. maybe there is a way to burn two folders containing these files, but not sure how to do that in clone.


Don’t believe this is possible with CloneDVD.


Download DVD shrink and you would be able to reauthor that easily.


morpheusneo1 -
I do have dvd shrink…could you give me instructions on how to do this? do i need to put all files in one folder or create two folders? Thanks!


Look here for a guide on “Flippers”

You can find other guide on the subject, oncee you get the basic idea.
There are no DVD menues in this procedure.


Here’s another good one :-