How to put subtitles onto .AVI then converting into .VOB




I have a .avi file and a .sub file, and can successfully watch the .avi file on my PC with the subtitles with Vobsub. What I want to do, is put the subtitles on the .AVI, convert it to .VOB and burn the .VOB files onto a DVD+R WITH the subtitles on.

Right now I’m using Vobsub, but you have to launch Vobsub and select the path where the .sub file is to watch the avi with subtitles. In other words they are not in the .avi permanantly. If I could put them in permanantly and then convert it to .vob, it would work succeessfully, am I right? Thanks.


So you want to tell us that you have made the avi & sub yourself from a source owned by you?? :rolleyes:

anyway, the site you want to visit is: