How to put illegal TOC

hey anyone here knows how to put illegal toc on a dvd and vcd. if you know can you teach me? and what software to be use. thanks :smiley:

What’s the reason for this?
Any burning software since 1998 could copy this.
Worlds most useless copy protection.


so whats the simple way to put a protection on a movie in dvd and vcd? what software to be use?

I think you might be able to use Nero for it I don’t know I think you maybe able to use it for CDs, but DVDs are doubtful.

its ok for cd. and how about in dvd there any simple software to protect? how to put the illegal TOC in cd using nero? can send me path to put it? thanks!

Wrong forum. Threads about putting copy protection onto burnt discs belong in the General Software Forum. The Copy Protection Discussion Forum is about defeating/by-passing copy protection not about creating them. :slight_smile:

Thread moved accordingly.

Query though why anyone would bother with creating an illegal TOC in any case. Any disc that is “protected” with just an illegal TOC can be copied easily enough with nero by simply checking the “Ignore Illegal TOC” box.