How to put dvd to iPod?

i backed up a dvd on my computer a while back and after many months, my dvd was destroyed not the computer’s fault, my little brother’s fault.

I have many files from the dvd and no dvd burner. I have a video iPod. Is there anyway i can put that video on my iPod? I have so many files VTS 1, VTS 2, etc.

i’m using videora iPod convertor by the way.

How do you mean put dvd on your ipod? First you’ll need to convert the files in a compatible format like mp4. You can try clonedvd mobile.

If you already have Videora Ipod Converter, then I’m not sure what your question is. You already have a program to convert the dvd into a video format suitable for the Ipod.

If I am not mistaken, Videora iPod Converter only reads files, not the DVD structure. Most of the tools don’t. You need to preprocess the .vob files with DVD Decrypter and joining them together. An alternative would be CloneDVD mobile which is designed for this purpose, but it costs money (trial is free). If you manage to copy all your movies during the trial period, you don’t need to pay. :wink:

how do i preprocess them?

by the way, I DON’T HAVE THE ACTUAL DVD anymore. My little brother destroyed it (long story). I copied the files on but i just copied the whole dvd on, not just the streaming part.

Simple solution: download CloneDVD mobile here:
Use it on the files on your HD.

i am using cucusoft dvd to ipod suite, works great for me, easy and fast…take a look at this step by step guide…, hope it helps.

I just found this today. Just thought you might be able to use it…

If I were you I’d give CloneDVDMobile a go with their 21 day free trial. I tried many and it was the best and fastest. No audio sync issues and crisp video w/ the ability to increase the bitrate if you’d like.