How to put both pdf and mp3


I have a CD project where i have a set of pdf files and mp3 files that i need to put on the same CD. I usually use AutoPlay Media Studio that allows me to make a CD menu with an autorun.exe that will pop up the CD menu when placed in the computer CD drive.

The structure of the cd will be something like:

Folder 1/subfolder/ the pdf files here
Folder 2/subfolder/ the mp3 files here

My question is:

If now i put the CD in a car CD player that can support MP3 files… will the car cd player be able to detect the MP3 files in the subfolders and play them?

In other words, if the one who gets the CD from me:
a. Puts it in a computer cd drive, the menu will pop up and he can navigate
b. and if he puts it in a car cd player, will the mp3 files play?

If not, do i need to put the mp3 files at the root of the CD? or it wont help either?


What you want to do is not going to work in car player, you need to make, what is called “Audio,data CD”. Once you make folders, car player will not see it.

First it depends on the capabilities of the car CD player.Some will play multiple folders.
Other than the .pdf files on the disc I posted instructions for making a .mp3 multiple album CD -R disc on the forum.
The discs I have made have the structure you posted for the .mp3’s
but no .pdf files.
I burn these as standard data not Audio.

see this post:

See Folders? My Car player does.

It’s how I got it to play albums in chronological order rather than alphabetical order, you number the albums (actually you number
& name the folders) then it will play the folders in numerical order
after playing all the tracks in each folder in numerical order.

It is why I developed my music library organization system
Music\File type\Artist\Album\Track

So for example an individual track on my HDD becomes
Music\mp3(320k)\Rush\14 Hold Your Fire\002 Time Stand Still.mp3

In practice on a CD-R it gets abbreviated to:
Rush\14 Hold Your Fire\002 Time Stand Still.mp3

Most car players will choke if the first file they encounter
(in the first folder) is anything other than an “acceptable” AUDIO file type, so if you want to “hide” other data on the disc you must put those files in a directory/folder that comes AFTER the audio files alphanumerically.

My car player will play whatever type of audio file (WAV or MP3 only)
it encounters first and IGNORE all other file types, including other audio files, so I cannot “mix” wav and mp3 on a single disc.

Yes, it will play CD-R’s loaded with WAV data files IOW a
non-finalized, non-compliant disc.

Many units however are not so tolerant.

If you want to “hide” .pdf .jpg or gif files on a disc put them in a folder named
"ZZ" these will generally get written to the disc LAST
and thus the player (if a “tolerant one” will either ignore them or never see them.

As the saying goes “Your Mileage May Vary”.

You will need to expirement do so with RW discs
If your player will play them, it’ll save you from opening
a coaster factory.


Alphabetical is ok with me but the numeric is a good idea.
I also think the .pdf folder should be after the Audio folders.