How to put a two dvd movien in ond using dvd2one

This is how I can put robin hood two side DVD in one

first you need to rip both sides

Put the vobs in a separate folder, the B side vobs must be renamed like this: VTS_01_05, to VTS_01_08. Next you need to create new Ifos using Ifoedit, close it and open the new VTS_01 IFO and Get VTS sectors and then you need to get VOB extras.
When finished remove the old VTS and BUP and move the new files to the this folder. Next run DVD2ONE and compress the 8 VOB.

Done, you have a complete movie that can be burned in one DVDR.

Hope you can succeed.


It would work great if your original movie had every chapter residing in it’s own single cell. If you didn’t, then after creating new IFOs in IFOedit, your chaptering will be off. You would have to go in and do some manual edits. IFOupdate won’t work because you would need an original IFO.

I review all the movie and it worked well, I have two Philco DVD players and played it Ok. I included Subs and both languages. the only issue is that the Ifo lost the name of the subs and the languages. But still it worked well.

Try it


Can you confirm that both of your movies has one chapter to one cell? not one chapter associated with 2 or more cells.

Here’s the situation: If you originally had 18 chapters and 20 cells and used IFOedit to create new IFOs with options (Create 1 PGC only and Create Chapter for each Cell) checked, then you would end up with 20 chapters and 20 cells. Your single chapter with 2 cells would become into two chapters for those 2 cells.

Edit: I’m referring to your original movie before creating new IFOs.

Suggest visiting the below link for information on how to put a Double-Sided (Flipper) DVD one DVD using DVD2one. This “Guide” details the correct way to use VobEdit and IfoEdit in a manner that DVD2one can correctly process the VOB File Set.

2cool and bjkg

Thanks for your input.

It will help me to solve some issues I found with my procedure, some are missing time sequence in every chapter and no subtitles names, but still my back up si functional.



I followed the guide in the guide in

But whilst the movie worked perfectly, only the chapters in the firdt disc remained. No chapters existed in the second

was I doing something wrong?