How to put a game back in to cd?

i downloaded this game and it’s taking up way 2 much 3.7 gigs how can i put it on cd/dvd??? please help

If you installed the program then you would have to uninstall it. If you want to save the downloaded file to a DVD then use a great program called IMGburn ( its free.

so once i get teh program just copy all to cd and put cd in and it should work?

3.7 gigs won’t fit on a CD. The program most likely will not run off the CD/DVD.

If the program is installed on the PC the only way to regain that space would be to uninstall it. If the files that you want to put on the DVD/CD are the installation files then you can back them up to a cd or dvd and then delete the old files from the PC.

If you only have a CD burner then you would have to put the files on a bunch of CD’s. If its one large file thats taking up the 3.7gigs of space then you would want to get a program like 7-Zip, its capable of compressing the files a little and spanning them across several discs. 7-Zip is free