How to put a cd iso onto a DVD

HI i have downloaded some iso’s which are over 800mb. Naturallhy i want to burn them onto a DVD however Nero just says it needs a cd only. Is there anyway around this?

Many thanks

You can burn these (I assume legal) isos as datafiles onto DVD. Otherwise, you should be able to burn these isos onto CD. The image file may be larger than 700 MB (what usually fits on a CD), but that is in most cases due to some extra information that will not be burned onto CD.

tried that. Nero says please put in a disc with sufficient space. Thats why i tried a blank DVD but it doesn’t want to burn that. I am at a loss.

Have you tried to enable overburn?
Perhaps you should use a larger CD after all (there are some 800 MB discs out there)…

Don’t know what exactly is in the ISO, but you could try extracting it with programs like ISOBuster or WinImage…after that you can copy the contents to a DVD. Be aware though that certain information about the ISO may get lost and the CD won’t work properly

create a data DVD and select (by dragging and dropping) the ISO file into the compilation.

I am positive you can burn any .iso (not corrupted, that is) to a DVD using SwiftDisc.

Use Nero, Express option and just burn it as a data disk.
Even if it is well over 800 Meg, you should still try to burn it to a CD blank with Nero. It often works. I have burnt 836 megs that way, no problem.

moen, he’s trying to burn multiple CD size ISOs to a DVD…