How to put 850MB mpeg format into one 700MB CD

Can someone help me? I have converted a 1hr 51 mins Avi movie into 850MB mpeg format in my hard drive and want to burn it into a CD but it is too big for one CD, how can I split it up and fit it into two CDs or try to fit into one CD, also I am using Nero burning program. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if ur making a video cd it doesnt matter about the size of the file, it depends on the length of the cd, ie 80mins. If ur movie is on for no longer then 80mins (avg CD) then u make/burn a videocdā€¦sasarchiver

Nero supports burning video cds, but if the Mpeg format is incompatible ull need to reconvert ā€¦

Thank! The movie is longer than 80 mins and what should I do?

Go buy a burner that supports HD Burnā€¦burn to blank DVDā€¦or find some 99 min Cdā€™s.

Get 99mins disks or get a dvd rw. HD-Burn is all fun and dandy but most cd/cd-roms dont support it, and if u want to play in ur stand alone player it wont work. get 99min disks if u canā€¦sasarchiver

But most DVD players do support it. I was just supplying a list of optionsā€¦