How to purge my name (as a keyword) in Google?

How to purge my name (as a keyword) in Google?

I am looking for a way to purge Google’s search results of my name. My name was accidentally published on several undesirable websites (their names aren’t important), and recently has been removed or deleted. Of course, even though the actual webpages themselves don’t exit anymore (or have been modified), the Google search results for my name remain intact.

For example, if my name was Jackson Slaw, typing it in quotations in Google would pop up several websites that used to feature my name as a keyword. But now, they are obsolete/dead links in Google’s cache.

How do I speed up the purging process for dead/missing/404/or modified links?


How do I add my name as a keyword (to Google) on other websites to replace the old, dead links?

Any other workable ideas would be appreciated


Google it, you will find a way. LOL:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

^^^ :iagree:

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You don’t have todo anything besides wait. If your name has been removed from the pages, once the crawler hits those pages again it will replace your name with another keyword from the site.

If you are not interested in waiting, and are in contact with the sites tell them to manually initiate Google to crawl their sites by going to google and sign up for the crawling service.

And what can I do if I want to add my name on different sites to outnumber the obsolete links? Which sites should I add my name to?

Could try this
Not sure if you have to be the webmaster in question, to expedite removal - it sounds as if anyone can “bump” the revisit/reindex type of removal.