How to protect your own DVD?

Hey ya all!!

It seems here to be talked lots about how to crack the protections! I’m here to ask those who knows how if you want to protect your own DVD? Like I’d seen recently many movie discs have some files inside which exceed the capacity of the disc, how’d they do this? Anyone can share this trick for me so it would be alot alot of graditude. Ya all take a good care! :flower:

DONNY :iagree:

We don’t talk about cracks. :disagree:

And what you’re looking for is called an alternative TOC.

Download this and read it to learn more about protections.


Why do we get about a dozen of these a week?

Is it REALLY such a common thing that you are the only one in your neighborhood that knows how to pirate movies/games/programs, and you want to KEEP it that way?

That’s the only reason anyone EVER gives for wanting to protect their own discs.

Indeed :Z

The one true way to stop somone copying your movie/music/programs… IS TO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM!

If it can be read, it can be copied! Simple.