How to protect DVD Movies from other hackers. Is it possible?

[B]I am thinking of a way to protect movies from the attack of other person who also wants to copy it. I’ve been reading around and finally discovered cdfreaks.

Y saw that one of the moderators answered a question similar to mine if not the same. I’d like to encode the copies of the movies that i previously decrypted.

I know it may be a stupid question but perhaps there is some news about this issue.

Best regards,
Fernando from Uruguay.[/B]

Nope you cant, why your text so big?

you may use winzip to zip your video with password. but you cannot stop others from copy it from the original dvd source.

Hard luck ! I was hoping there were any solutions.

I apologize for my previous post. I didn’t realize y was posting in such big letters

basically what it comes down to is that the major motion picture studios with millions of dollars to spend on licensing different copy protections can’t protect their work so there’s no way in hell Joe consumer can either.

there are programs that will allow some rudimentary “protection” to be instated, but any 12 year old with access to google would be able to crack it in seconds.