How to protect a audio cd?

I have some productions that i made, and i want to show them to mey friends, but i dont want let them make copies of the CD.

There is anyway to protect my audio cd??
Thx in advance!

Yes and no :bigsmile:

There are ways to apply a degree of protection, but it can generally be defeated by the right combination of drive and software.

If your “friends” will not respect your wishes in not copying the CD, are they non-techie enough to defeated by breakable protection?

I have used many app like easy audio lock, WTM CD protect and TZcopy pretection, but when i go burn it, clone cd show me a error…and dont burn it!

There is any tutorial step-by-step to make me protect my cd??
And no, they do not have skills enough to de-protect it… :cool:

just use CCD Lock, its the easiest and can only bew copied by CCD or latest alchol with proper settings checked off. Maybe BW can copy itr too, but typical day to day softwar emost people have bundled with their burners will fail.

Keep in mind no copy protection is unbeatable.

I tryed CCD Lock with CloneCD, but it does not work, shows the same error!
I will try CAP and then, if not works, try CCD Lock with Alcohol…