How to properly merge Titles using Nero Recode (and IFOEDIT)

Experienced Nero Recode Users will know that the “Merge Titles” option when remaking a DVD is practically useless, as you simply end up with three titles in one set of VOB files (you will get more than one VOB file if greater than 1 GB but they are a set).

The Nero option is really a “Merge VOB files” not a “Merge Titles” option.

After some trial and error, I have found a very simple way of properly merging titles that takes les sthan five minutes. This also requires use of the excellent freeware IFOEDITprogram.

Imagine you have program on DVD with three titles, and you want to merge them as a single title.

  1. With Nero Recode, use the Remake a DVD option and select the three titles

  2. Select all three edited titles and select the button to merge them. (This step is critical for step 5).

  3. Re-encode in the normal way to a hard disk directory.

Now comes the best bit (only takes 5 minutes)!

  1. Go to the Video_TS directory and delete all IFO and BUP files (Don’t panic yet).

  2. Now use IFOEDIT and simply select the Create IFOs option, and select the first VOB file ( normally VTS_01_1.VOB) and click ok. The IFOs are re-written, and now all three titles are concatenated as a single title.

There are combinations on how chapters can be set up. The easiest is to select one program chain, and one chapter per cell id. This does tend to give a lot of chapters, but you can quickly navigate through the progran using the chapter forward on your remote.

The other main option is to put a chapter at the beginning of a program chain, You have to select multiple program chain option and then each of the original titles forms a program chain with a chapter at the beginning. This tends to go the other way and have too few chapters.

If you examine the DVD file structure using IFOEDIT, you will see that the three titles have now been all been merged as one title.

Now of course, if IFOEDIT can properly merge multiple Titles, why can’t Nero Recode as it is simply a question of how the IFO files are written!!!

will this method also work with a dvd that has subtitles ?


FYI, yes it does work with subtitles you just have to correct the color of the subtitles after creating the new IFOs.