How To Properly Backup PS2 Games?


Recently I have decided to backup some PS2 games before it’s too late. The discs are in good condition.

I own Crystal-modchipped PAL PS2 (one of the earliest models).

I am willing to invest in any software needed in the process.

Thanks in advnace! :bow:

Assuming that they’re dvd based games, it’s pretty simple and you don’t need to pay for software. Just rip with Dvd Decrypter in .iso mode and write with either Dvd Decrypter or ImgBurn.

  1. Yes, they are all DVD based, So no need to rebuild/re-patch the ISO?
  2. What do you suggest if the PS2 doesn’t detect the game? (It happened to me with Ratchet And Clank 3, I copied it according to the method you’ve suggested, burned it at 4x to a quality DVD+R (@DVD-ROM) and nothing happens at the PS2 control panel.
  3. Some games are DVD9, like 24. I once re-built the ISO to fit DVD5 using some softwares. It worked. However, I don’t see how can you shrink the image that much without ripping a thing.

Thanks in advance!

If the backup you copied works in another console, then it’s your laser. I suggest to have it checked by a pro. Early PS2 models had weak lasers, so maybe you have to replace it.

regards, Stephen

pS: there are only a few dvd9 based game, less than 10 if I remember correctly.


Regarding the DVD9’s, how come you can convert them to DVD5 without ripping some stuff?

Thanks again.

They rip unused languages, and reencode the movies. Also a few games are not that big but the publisher makes a tricky TOC to make copying harder. You can find so called rip kits for DVD9 based games on several PS2 related sites.

regards, Stephen


And what about PS2 CD-based games?

^ Depends whether they’re copy protected with libcrypt or not (most aren’t).

I’m not much of a console gamer so I’ve never really needed to look into this stuff before, so I’m a complete noob basically. Recently I went and bought a PS2 and a handful of games that I’ve wanted to play that are most likely never going to have PC ports released, namely MGS 2 & 3, God of War and The Warriors.

I’m slightly confused by the reponses here, as when I googled the subject, the guides I found were suggesting that you need to apply patches and such as well as using DVD Decrypter, the guides were years old however, so is this something that doesn’t apply anymore due to improved modchips or something, or is it only applicable to certain games, or are the guides just incorrect?

Oh, also what modchip would you suggest that simply allows me to play my backups? I don’t need any additional features besides that really.

The Matrix Infinity would be one of the most cost effective options and will produce excellent results. As for the chips, you are correct that the older chips don’t match up with the newer ones in terms of ease of making a backup. The other thing is that a number of people use those confounded swap discs and they require all sorts of stuff to get certain games to work. With a quality late model chip all you do is pop the PS2 original in your PC and rip to the PC HD in DVD Decrypter with ISO mode, then write the image in ISO mode back to DVDR and BAM working backup. You can do it with other software but I have just found this to be the most user friendly method. The only game that I have ever had to patch was Gran Turismo 4. I simply applied the Toxic patch to the ripped ISO and then backed it up to D/L Verbatim DVD+R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM and it works perfectly.

In order to play a backed up game, your PS/2 has to be modded in hardware, right?

You can’t just take a stock PS/2 and have it run a backed up game?

I’m kinda just curious.


Ah great, that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

I have a question, if some one would be kind enough to answer. I am also a noob at this. I renteda video game for the ps2, and it’s a blue disc, not sure if ps2’s had bluray yet? my ps2 has trouble reading the blue disc games and i was wondering if there was a way that i can rip it onto the computer?

any replies or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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