How to pronounce Taiyo Yuden?



is it said like “tao yooden” or maybe

“tieo yoodan”


Your very close

According to my japanese g/f its “tie-o yoo-den” .If the “y” sound does not come to you naturaly it would be be "“tie-yoh yoo-den”


If that is the case, then I have been pronouncing it right!:iagree:


excellent. thanx


Pronounciation: “tie-yo-you-den”, that’s “tie” as in bow-tie, “yo” as in yo-yo, “you” as in me and you, “den” as in a bear’s den.

Glad I studied Japanese during my time in secondary education! :slight_smile:



Bear in mind that both bowels of Yo and Yu are long bowels.
But… does it really matter? :slight_smile:


Stemming from the abdomen ? :wink: