How to produce original looking CD's with envelopes


I am trying to produce original looking CD’s from my home (like the CD’s that you buy on the music stores), so i need to know:

  1. What is the right media (brand + est. prices)

  2. What is the right burner (brand + est. prices)

  3. What is the right tool to make the jewel box transparent plastic envelopes (brand + est. prices)

Michel Z.

Even using a “silver-silver” disc that has a silver colored reflective layer and a silver print surface, they will always be a recorded disc, not a stamped disc which is what you find in the stores. While some people may not notice, I have faced a bit more issues with playback using a silver reflective layer than a standard green layer like what is found on TY media.

For printing you’ll need to go direct to disc using inkjet, thermal or thermal retransfer printing. While inkjet is better than labels, thermal retransfer printing like the Everest 600 are the only solutions for a stable surface that will truely resemble a silk screened or offset print.

I don’t want to discurage you, but I want to manage exspectations. Depending on your budget there are some great hardware solutions that can make good looking discs but until you replicate they won’t be that close to store purchased discs.

What is your aproximate volume you’re looking to produce? What is your budget? With that we can try and provide a bit more insight.