How to print using Nero and the Epson R280

I’m creating this thread only to share information with others and I hope it helps them like it did me. I recently purchased some awesome Taiyo Yuden CDR’s with watershield and needed to print on them using the Epson R280. I struggled finding info on this topic so here it is goes. First thing you want to do is load the CD holder into the printer correctly. Then find a clear plastic CD template like the ones they have in the 50 or 100 stacks when you first open them. They make great templates. Grab a piece of paper and cut around the clear plastic template to make a paper circle. Then stick it to the clear plastic template with double stick tape or roll up some tape. Load the disc into the CD Epson R280 holder. Open up Nero and configure the paper printer settings under Print Setup for CD/DVD and print. When finished remove the piece of paper carefully off of the clear plastic disc and fold in half then fold in half again to get your cross and notice where the intersection is on the circular paper. This is your exact center. Measure your horizontal and vertical offset from true center and input this into Nero. Remember if you’re to low vertically you must input a negative offset number. You can find this setting in Preferences under Printer when you start your Cover Designer program after the burn. Mine works perfectly with these settings: horizontal +8.000mm and veritical 0.000mm. My CD’s look like store bought CD’s! It is so cool and they are water resistant. I put mine under water for 30 secs and they don’t smudge plus they have a gloss look and look cold pressed like the factory CD’s! :bigsmile:

And yes, Epson’s CD program works fine but I like using Nero’s Cover Designer and I hate going through more steps than I need to to accomplish the same job which Nero now does in a click or two.

I forgot to mention that you can draw a box around the hub in your Nero program using the line feature. That way when you fold the paper disc to get center you can measure the offset.

Be sure to set your label choice in the Preferences section or you will have to do a new calibration like I did! I forgot what I originally set it at and when I used Nero again my cals were off. Save your template so you can calibrate in the future and be sure to note the label paper choice you picked in your pull-down just in case.