How to print out whole DVD Covers

Im trying to make a dvd cover but I cant find a way to print out the whole cover. I used Nero and Roxio and they both have borders that it wont print pass, however Roxio has a starting border which you could change but not the ending border, how can I print out the whole DVD Cover???

I use any publishing program and create the cover on a 8.5x14 stock paper,(legal), then cut it to fit the case. You can’t print past the printer’s margins unless you have a full-bleed printer and driver.

Yeah, I happened to have a bunch of legal paper and thats what I use since it won’t fit on standard size paper.

You can also buy DVD cover inserts online. They probably look better because its glossy paper. But they cost more than legal paper.

Use Coverxp. You can download it here:

I use templates that are A4 sized sheets with perforations. I get warnings from the printer that I am printing out of range, but everything works just fine.

I tried useing Cover XP but I can’t download the newest version, and I tried to change with all types of paper and I still can’t print till the end of the paper. Helppp

Not all printers can print to “the end” of the papper by default… You never told us what kinda printer you are using.

BTW, all “photo”-printers are able to print to the edge of the paper. :wink:

i am using a hpdeskjet 5550

Same printer here and same problem

I found that UndercoverXP works great and its free. You need to set the size correctly in the configuration though. Once you get that set your good to go. Even with CoverXP you have to do the same.

If you don’t have legal size paper you can aways do the half a sheet trick. Just take one whole sheet of letter size paper and tape a half of letter size to it. This will trick the printer into continuing to print all the way to the edge of the letter size paper. Works great if you don’t have legal size paper.

At work we have an HP ColourLaserjet with duplex support. Anyone has some ideas, how it could be possible to print front and backside of a cover on one sheet of paper?

I’ve played with this before, and had mixed results. I have a duplexing inkjet. The biggest problem is getting both sides alligned. 2-sided glossy brochure paper works great, but is only available in letter size so you are up against the same problem with DVD covers.

You just have to play with the alligment a bit.

First I need a software that allows me to print both parts on one piece of paper. At the moment I’m using Nero Cover Designer, but that doesn’t seem to work. At least when I tried last time - about a few months ago probably

"May 11th 2004

A number of people reported crashes when printing a DVD cover due to the new correction for outside the printable area. Although I can’t reproduce it myself I think I found the cause. This fix was tested successfully by several people. Version 1.08 is now available for download…"

This was on the site.

Thanks for the idea, I like it better than coverxp.

If you need some config info for undercoverxp just let me know.

Most inkjets are “push” feed, so they can print right to the top edge, but lose a little at the bottom where it can no longer drive the paper.

So if you organize your own layout, zero the top margin as a start.

Thanks a lot. Really great software.
I will contact you, if it is necessary.

Any suggestion where to find the “covers” to print?

Thx, Maybe if they have another contest, I can send abouut 350 labels and covers. :slight_smile: