How to print on odd size envelopes on Epson Stylus color 660?



there no custom size in Device Setting so I can print on 5"x 5"envelopes. Because my other printer canon bjc4400 has a custom size setting but has blinking yellow light problem .
thank for any replies.


I forgot to add I want to print JPEG Image on envelopes.


First would be what program or software are you using to print those envelope with? That would be the first thing. The question your asking is a general question in itself and doesn’t give much info.


Found this:

If the orange warning light is on, then the printer may need to be reset.Somewhere on your printers control panel you should have a little button - usually its by the two bigger photocopying buttons and it has a red triangle inside a red circle. Hold this little button down until the orange light goes off and you hear machine noises.


sorry for late reply. both printers are working ok now.
the Epson I was using the wrong driver Windows XP driver ( Epson Stylus COLOR 660 ESC/P 2 ) now I’m using EPSON Stylus COLOR 660 driver.
Now able to print on 5"x 5"envelopes.

The CANON I did a reset and soak the print head in Windex and Rubbing Alcohol. heres link to reset.