How to prevent your AnyDVD.key from being "BlackListed."

How to prevent your AnyDVD reg key from being “BlackListed.”
1): Do not share your AnyDVD reg key with noone.
2): Do not have AnyDVD running on 2 computers at the same time.
3): Do not buy your AnyDVD reg key from ebay.
if any of these rules is broken don’t be surprised when you get the
expired trial window when you update your AnyDVD software.
If your key becomes blacklisted for no
reason, please notify slysoft right away.
Enjoy AnyDVD :slight_smile:

but your allowed to install it on more than 1 PC :iagree:

Macrovision3500 -

Installing Any DVD on more than one computer will not “"BlackListed” your valid Registration Key that was legally purchased from SlySoft.

I have my valid Registration Key that was legally purchased from SlySoft installed 3 of my computers and have never hand any problems with my Registration Key being “BlackListed”.

There are numerous postings by SlySoft (James) stating that it is perfectly legal to install and use AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCd on more than one computer as long as only one copy of AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCd is used at a time.

Suggest if you are going to make a posting like the one you made above that the information you provide is factual. Your above posting with incorrect information can easily cause confusion among Forum Members.


Not entirely, but do see where you’re going BenLooken.

Actually the OP stated: "do not have AnyDvd “running” on 2 computers at the same time. This would be different than having it installed on more than 1 computer.
If, for say a home net work had the same licence # installed on more than 1 machine, and both had AnyDVD “running” in the background, while both were connected to the internet, could this could trigger a problem if AnyDVD checked for updates? :confused:
Perhaps this could cause blacklisting?

Sockeye –

Forum Member Macrovision350 edited his original posting contents.

If you note Forum Member Macrovision3500 after I posted my #3 posting comments when back and Edited his original posting and added “running on 2 computers at the same time”.

Perhaps reviewing the below Forum posting by SlySoft (James) will explain that SlySoft does not have any “NetWork Sniffing or License Validation”.


Let them find there on key I paid for mine so why should they not pay for theirs. I want even give it to my kids if they need to use it they come to my house and run it or buy it.
I for one have not bought much software in the past five years but this one and clonedvd was worth the money. I also want them to keep updating it so they must sell copies.

I don’t think AD or any SS wares phone home with key info do they?
as it would be easy to stop that with a firewall so essentially useless
I ask beacause I have 2 computer in the house which stay on all the time and both boot up with AD running, although I actually only use it per se on my new PC the dual core
I just haven’t gotten to un-install on the old pc or even updated it and is always asking to let it update LOL

Thanks for the reply, I missed the fact that the OP’s post had been edited.
It would have been better had he replied back in another post of his error.
After viewing the link that you provided, I am still a bit confused, as James’ statement, “You should pay another 39$ if you use the software on more than one machine.”, is confusing.
I have been under the impression that it is exceptable to have the software installed on more than one machine, and be able to use it on each machine, as long as it wasn’t used simutaniously.
Or was he just stating an opinion, that it should be that way?

hi sockeye
you are right… you can have it on multi comps but just can’t use it simultaneously.
if you want to use it at the same time then you should buy another key.
hope this helps

Thanks for the heads up on this just installed on a hp 1630n (you guys were burning circles around my old amd athalon) went up and shut the auto start off on anydvd on my wifes laptop we just use the laptop when were rving again thanks don’t need to be blacklisted

Sharing your registration key with someone else is beyond me. If you get blacklisted as a result, maybe you had it coming?

Agree with you - unfortunately there are many people around the globe who are tighter than a ducks a$$ and won’t pay for it themselves :eek: :eek:


Your key is not blacklisted. We only block keys that were found in filesharing communities.

Best regards,

John Smith
Customer Support

This is the official reply I got to a question I posed to Slysoft with regards to blacklisting. You’ve been warned :cop: