How to PREVENT users from burning?

Does anyone know if there is a way to totally stop users from burning cds/dvds (at all)?

I know you can edit the registry and stop people from using the built in XP cd writing thing, and nero burnrights allows only administrators (although is this only for nero?), but how can you stop everyone from burning anything?

somekind of firmware maybe?

well there are 2 softwares that are called:
gfi endpoint security -
device lock -
they cost some $$$ and mainly intended for corps to improve security , basicly what they do is
"Control which users or groups can access USB and FireWire ports, WiFi and Bluetooth adapters, CD-ROMs, floppy drives, other removable devices" and some other stuff too , they allow you to fully manage access to various storage devices

If you cannot give more exact details of what you are trying to achieve, then any answer will be like a shot in the dark…

Not installing writers would most certainly make it harder, though it wouldn’t stop people bringing in their own external burners and using those.

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This is simple.
At first, don’t give the users power user or even administrative permissions.
Don’t install Aspi drivers.
Disable IMAPI service.
This should be enough, normally. Only members of the administrative group are then allowed to use the writer, at least with Nero. I don’t know about other burning applications.

but how can you stop everyone from burning anything?
Generic solution: Replace the writers by a plain reader.



USB and Firewire ports can be disabled.


Also eSATA.

i know this sounds stupid, but for certain applications to work (which i need), i have to give users full admin rights.

and by far the best solution is obviously to replace the writers with readers, but i was wondering if i could save myself the trouble (and the cost)

I think there’s not much (probably nothing) you can do to prevent people from burning if they have admin rights on the PC.

Group policies might help. But it is indeed better being not an administrative user, and tossing crappy applications that require admin rights.:bigsmile: