How to prevent dust settling on sprayed discs?

Anyone know of a way to prevent dust particles from settling onto a DVD disc when you spray it with clear arcrylic spray? I want to protect my printed dvd’s but the particles are a little annoying. Also…what is the best way to prevent underspray?


I’ve never sprayed or printed a disc, but couldn’t you just put a disc in an empty spindle until it drys after you’ve sprayed it? If it is too airtight, just put a few small holes in the sides of the lid. I would think that that would work.

Lay your disc on a piece of card stock to prevent underspray. (never spray a disc in a jewel case) Apply 2-3 light coats, they will dry quickly and mimimize dust problems. There’s no substitute for a clean place to do the spraying, unless you have that you will get some dust. As often as not, the dust is coming from the work area, and is kicked up by the spraying. Keep in mind that professional painters use a clean room with filtered air, which is the only way to stop all dust.