How to prevent CloneDVD from opening tray?

I frequently start CloneDVD and then go do something else. It finishes and opens the tray, which sits open for hours and lets dust get sucked into my drive. I’m afraid that a dusty drive could result in lower quality burns.

How can I avoid having CloneDVD open the drive drawer, after it finishes a burn?

Upgrade to v, the tray remains locked after the burn, you have to click on the eject message on the screen to open the tray. If you push the eject button on your burner, it will not open, only by clicking on the eject message display.

Thanks! I actually discovered that, a couple days ago, and just now got around to posting that info.

Since my original posting, I also discovered the CloneDVD forum (thanks to whoever moved it there).

You’re welcome.
I myself do not do any other tasking while burning, might be asking for trouble there.

I mean I am physically away from my PC, much of the time CloneDVD is running. Often, I can’t be there to close the drawer, when the burn finishes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice in such matters.

Perhaps you thought I meant running other programs? I am a very paranoid burner - I always use 2.4x on my Plextor 708A w/ TY DVD+R 4x media. I bought a LiteOn 812s, just so I could measure the quality of my burns w/ KProbe2. I am certainly careful to minimize extraneous I/O and CPU utilization, during burns.

Glad to here you’re not multi tasking while burning.

I too have the Liteon 812S, you may already know this but you can convert this burner to a 832S that does dual layering merely by changing the firmware.
I have not done it to mine yet because at 15.00 a pop, for dual layer disks, it makes no sense to buy them.

Information on this can be found at the CDFreaks Liteon forum, look for the Omni Patcher thread and read what it can do. It also provides a link for you to download the firmware. You will need the stock 832S firmware version VSOA to flash the 812S so it becomes a 832S. No harm done if you don’t like the performance, you can always re-flash and go back to the 812S firmware you now have.