How to Post View Single Post?



Please someone teach me How to Post View Single Post ? :o
Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Find the post you want to link to.

  2. Right-click on the post number on the right-hand side of the message:

  3. Select the [I]Copy Shortcut[/I] item in the pop-up menu (or [I]Copy Link Location[/I] in Firefox):

  4. Paste the link where you want it:


Thank you very much :bow: DrageMester
Now… very easy to bring back my old scan :clap:
Thanks Again :bigsmile:


But if your using FF it won’t look like that. Use Copy Link Location when right clicking.

Drage i use the same mouse pointer as you do.


Looks sorta like this in FireFox [minus the arrows pointing to what you need to right click/left click on]:

EDIT: and here’s what it looks like from my POV in Safari:

Thanks to Geno888 for the link to FastStone Capture 5.3


In FireFox, might I humbly suggest bookmarking them. You can even name them & put them in their own folder.