How to playback created ISO files from Audio CD

I recently created an ISO file using Image Burn of my Polar Express soundtrack, and I’m having trouble playing it back. Image Burn created 2 files it seems, a .bin (466mb) and a .cue (1.23kb). Every time I double click them, using VLC player and other players, nothing plays correctly.

I’m sure it’s a painfully obvious thing I’m doing wrong… but how can I save my cd’s to my hard drive and play them back later as if I had the cd popped into my drive?

THANKS! :slight_smile:

Download and install deamon and create a virtual drive, mount the image and you will now be able to play the disc just as if you had the original cd in one of your drives.

Thanks a lot, I’ve heard of this before. I think I heard of something else called alcohol or something? But if you think this program is the best, I’ll go with that, thanks for your post :smiley:

PS: I’m just curious, why with DVD Fab, I can create an iso and play the dvd movies directly on my pc by double clicking as though I had the DVD in my optical drive, but not with CD’s? Thanks.

What does have CDs to do with DVDs & VideoDVDs?

What ‘do’ CDs have to do with DVDs you mean? I didn’t say they were related aside from the obvious, I wanted to know if there was a way to create CD ISO images to play without virtual drives.

Also, why did you answer my question with a question? You have over 24 thousands posts, you’d think you’d be able to simply offer me a concise well thought answer; in stead of a sarcastic smug retort to my sincere honest question. If that’s too much to ask, that’s understandable, but why post in the first place if you’re not going to help?

(You can insert your attempted witty and self-amusing yet non educational remarks below, but if anyone else would like to answer my question I would truly appreciate it. Thanks)