How to play PAL DVDs in the USA

Hi - I am a new, old member, meaning I just joined the forum, but I am an old retired guy who needs help understanding DVD technology.

My daughter lives and works in Germany. She has sent me several DVDs that she recorded of German TV shows (music concerts). Since they are in PAL format I can only play them on my computer, but I would really like to watch and listen to them on my TV. Can anyone help me figure out how to convert PAL to NTSC? I have a copy of Nero 6, and I have been able to copy the disks, but the copies are still in PAL format! Seems like since my PC can play both PAL and NTSC, there should be a conversion program that would allow me to change the format and then burn it to disk. I haven’t been able to find a way to do that. Can anyone help?

Also, my daughter has a DVD player that allows her to play either format, so if I buy a NTSC movie here, and send it to her she can play it without any trouble. She says someone in Germany steered her to the site where she found the command that made her player work this way. I tried the same thing with a Sony player that I have, but couldn’t find any entries on hacker that gave cammands for my machine - I assume this means my Sony does not have the ability to play the PAL format. I would buy another DVD player if I knew that it would be able to play both formats, but I don’t know how to find that information. I’ve asked that question at several stores (Best Buy, Hi Fi Buys, etc) but no one has given me the name/make of a DVD player that will do what I want.

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You can try the patch method listed here: You may also be able to find more hacks for your dvd player.

Very good link!

Please let us know if it worked for you. :wink:

What version of Nero? NeroVision Express makes decent conversions (no subs though).