How to play mpgs on a dvd recorder

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me if there is a decoder box that will connect to a Panasonic dvd recorder, which will allow it to play back mpg files. Mine will not recognize mp files, but will play divx or avi files


If the mpeg files are compliant to dvd specifications, you could always author them to dvd-video format without re-encoding or losing picture quality. A dvd recorder will certainly play that.

But if you are talking about mpeg4, that is is different story.

Most media players, like the Western Digital Live can play all types of mpeg and go straight to the tv without needing to be connected to the recorder. You would need the files on a usb stick or external hdd to be connected to the WD player.

Thanks Kerry56,

I don’t have a media player, just portable hdd for storing media, and I have a Panasonic dvd recorder connected to the TV, which also doesn’t recognize mpg or mp4 files. I thought there may have been a small decoder box or similar, that would decode most files, other than a media player, which I believe are quite expensive here in Australia. Any other suggestions?


Conversion to a format that you can use is an option. There is always a slight quality loss when converting video, but if done well, you might not notice it.

Do you have a converter that you normally use? Something like AviDemux, Xvid4PSP or WinFF should be able to convert to xvid avi for you.

Or you can use AVStoDVD to convert to dvd-video, and using the HC encoder, I know you will get good quality. The size of the files will be [B]much[/B] larger however.

Someone else might come up with a better solution for you. Check back in for other ideas. One of our members, UTR, suggested this relatively inexpensive player just the other day, but I don’t know if they are available in Australia: