How to play mp4/x264 file?



i did download a file that ends on .mp4
i can open it with winamp but i can hear only the sounds (and it is a movie for sure)
i tried with BSPlayer and it says (unknown format - x264)
i did a search at google and downloaded x264 codec v.466
now BSplayer says unknown format (without the x264 message)
windows media player also doesnt want to open it

thanx in advance for your help and im sure the question have been answered before but i couldnt find the answer. if there’s a free mp4 to something i can play (xvid or dvix or i dont know what) converter that could solve the problem too.



I hope it’s a legal download.

Use GSpot to find out the required video codec.


You might be able to play it with VideoLan VLC as this seems able to play most things.


Doesn’t FFDSHOW decode H264/AVC video? Or CoreAVC v0.0.0.4?


To open x264 with bsplayer:

After setup “K-lite Codec Pack”,

1 - Click on “Start\All Programs\K-lite Codec Pack\Configuration\ffdshow\Video decoder configuration”.

2 - Choose “Codecs” in left side.

3 - In right side you will see “H.264” - “disabled”. Change “disabled” to “libavcodec” and click OK.


Eugh. Please don’t install any shitty codec packs.


its the easiest way to sort out his problem


The easiest way would be to install VLC Media Player or a recent build of ffdshow. Installing a codec pack would be one of the easiest ways to cause conflicts and risk the stability of your system.


With codec packs we may install many useful staff in one time, i think this is better way than the others. Anyway he can tell us anytime if he had problem.


Codec packs usually create more issues than they can ever solve…


well, maybe no general thing, but at least for me the k-lite codec package (currently 2.71 full) has never caused any problems, but i always do only install it using the “profile 2: playback only”), this way only a “few” codecs are installed… never had any conflicts this way when watching movies / playing games etc…


Codec Packs getting better, isn’t it (especcially K-Lite Mega Codec Pack)? If you have time look at this site:


nope id agree with the earlier posts never ever ever have a problem playing any file type with VLC