How to play backup copies of games using a virtual drive?



could you guys help? I jusi got started in this game. I’m 31 years old. I live in British Columbia Canada. I work in manufacturing. I’ve always been a game player(PS2 and the lot). But like they say when boys grow up and become men they trade in their consoles for PCs. I currently have:
Pentium4/3.2 gig
HP DVD burner
512 ram
128 MSI PCI-Express
I currently have Daemon tools and alchol 120% installed how do I use these to play and make backup copies of games using a virtual drive?


Hey keith… Being a Noob I’ll cut you some slack. But in the fututre please read the forum rules and guidelines and search. I’m more than happy to help someone but I don’t like doing someone elses work. Chek this forum out and it should answer any and all of your questions.

Welcome to the forum.


P.S. Also, if after trying a search you still can’t find your answer, try to Google it. Then if still no luck feel free to post a thread.:wink:


Yeah sport is right its amazing what u can find on these forums. Im in the same boat as u being a noob to these things but to use daemon tools right click on the tray icon go to mount image locate the file then u should be able to copy or install from the virtual drive (DAEMON). Hope this helps :slight_smile: