How to play back an mpg file on a television

I have a bunch of mpg, avi and mp3 files on my pc. I want to play the mpg and avi files on my tv because it has a larger screen. I don’t have lots of money so I’m trying to find an inexpensive solution.

My television is old and doesn’t have any jacks to accept video cables so I connected it to a old vcr. The vcr has inputs for video cables.

So now all I need is something which will allow me to play the media files onto the tv. This device (whatever it should be) would have connections to enable me to connect the 3 rca cables (video, left and right audio) Will a tuner card do the trick? Which one?

I could buy an Argosy device but that would mean having to move the mpg file to an external usb drive and then connecting the argosy to the usb drive.

There must be some inexpensive way to play mpg, mp3, avi and other media files to a tv.


If you want to use your PC as the playback device, then what you need is a video card with a TV out connection. Since you’re looking for a cheap solution, I’d have a look for older cards on ebay, or at some place that re-sells old PCs. I’d guess that the video-in on your VCR is probably composite video (yellow surround) so you’ll need a card that has composite video out. The left/right audio channels can be connected to the output from your PC sound card (3.5mm pin to twin RCA cable).

Personally, the solution that I’d recommend would be to buy a second-hand DVD player (preferably one that supports DivX playback) and then convert your movies to divx or DVD video as appropriate and write to DVDR or DVDRW. That assumes of course that the DVD player can connect to the old TV, of course.



You should be able to find a cheap dvd player for well under $100.00 that will support mp3, avi’s and mpg

[U][B]DVD Player and Blu-ray Player list ( 783 )[/B][/U]



But you might not be able to use your VCR as a modulator to connect the DVD player to the TV because of MacroVision from the DVD player. This applies to commercial DVDs mostly.

If the end result is to only to playback mp3’s, avi’s and mpg’s then the MacroVision should not play a role.


I decided to buy an Argosy HV676 and an inexpensive USB drive. This will let me play dvd’s, mpg’s, avi’s, mp3’s, mp4’s and play lists.