How to: Pinnacle DVC 100 (usb) and Nero Vision

Pinnacle’s DVC100 USB-connected capture device comes with Pinnacle Studio, but I like Nero Vision better. But Nero Vision won’t capture correctly from that device, and it’s not on the supported list. (If you know how to make it work right, let me know!)

I tried using Pinnacle Studio to capture an MPEG file, and then add that to a project in Nero. I had big trouble with one attempt to do this, but I’ve found another way.

Use Windows XP Movie Maker (free) to capture the video. Be sure to select the audio input as coming from the DVC100, and tell it not to create clips after the capture is done. By the way, it doesn’t know when the tape has hit the end, so you’ll need to give it a time limit or monitor it yourself.

This will create a WMV file. Now you can fire up Vision and add that file to your project and do your editing on the file in Nero.