How to: Persistant Background in DVD Menus

is it possible to make a video clip play in the background of the DVD menus and that it should continue playing normally throughout all the menus, even when browsing from one menu to another

(as in contrast to the background playback stopping and restarting between menus)

which software offers this? where is the specific option?

Since different menus are stored as separate video clips, I don’t see how this would be possible with any software.

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So are you 100% sure that according to the DVD specification, having one single clip play continuously throughout all the menus is not possible?

[quote=kingIZZZY;2131195]So are you 100% sure …[/quote] I’m not even 100% sure that the Universe isn’t a figment of my imagination. :smiley:

But pretty sure, yes.

Oh well too bad then… :a

How about a fading kind of transition between menus, like the first menu’s sound/video-clip fade out as the next menu’s sound/clip fades in. Is this possible? Which software offers this kinda thing with relative ease?