How To Paste Pictures In A Thread?

guess this sounds silly, but have tried to paste a picture in a thread here but I haven´t been able to.

[li]Tried pasting it directly to the thread window - nothing[/li][li]Tried the “insert image” icon, and it asks for the pictures URL :rolleyes: ?? [/li][/ul]So no luck with neither,
BTW Usinf Firefox as Browser, just in case it matters . . .


You can use the attachments option to include a picture.
Otherwise, as discussed many times on this forum (please search), you need to store the image on a webserver and paste the link (URL) in the popup when you click ‘insert image’ button.

If the pic is on the net somewhere… You would make it look like this…


HINT… Any pic you would like to post and make sure the pic is the size you are looking at… Right click on the pic hit properties and cut and past the address on the bottom. Then do what I said above to put it in a post.

Thx for your comments. :iagree:

No problem I hope I helped.