How to overspeed?

I have the new LG4163B burner. I am curious to how I go about burning 8X media at higher speeds? Nero doesn’t let me (or I can’t find out how to do this).


LG burners are notorious for their limited ability to overspeed media. HardwareZone was able to overspeed TDK 8x +R media:

If you’re looking to overspeed lots of media, you bought the wrong drive!

My LG 4120 can overspeed some 8x DVD+R media - Taiyo Yuden and Ricoh - to 12x.

The 4163 may be similar?

Taiyo Yuden
Ricoh (Ritek-made, too)
Mitsubishi (Verbatim)

Look for results from burning 8x media at 12x from the various GSA-4163B threads. Not that many types of DVD media rated at 8x can be written at 12x in GSA-4163B and GSA-4120B, but those that can be found easily at low cost in many countries. (Not all markets are equal: MCC004 16x DVD+R media costs over US$1.0 in Seoul while it’s as much as US$0.6 in the US.)

I have the LG GSA-4040B
Really Im very disatisfied with it, but i dont have enough money to buy a new one, so im stuck with it.

All i want to do is get it to burn at 4x (totally within its acceptable dvd burining range) on 16x MEDIA!!!

currently it will only burn any dvd media i put in it at its lowest settings (2x-2.3x). and its really annoying at about 29 minutes per disk.

I’m using TDK PRINT-ON DVD-r 1-16x disks
a GSA-4040B burner
Windows XP
NERO Express 6
and i have no idea what burner

can someone help me get this thing to at least burn at the correct speed…

Ahem, you have enough money to waste 16x media on a 4x drive and not enough to buy a decent new burner for less than 50 bucks?!?

What the …sense?

The problem would most likely be down to the burner not recognising the media. Old burner new media - no match. In this situation a default speed would be applied, in your case 2.4x (approximately).

This problem will only get worse for those with older burners.

You might be able to find a more recent firmware on one of LG’s websites which may help.

Best solution is start saving.

Um, I get the 16x’s free from the company I work for.