How to overspeed YUDEN000T02 with liteon-1673s

ok, I just bought a pack of 100 Fuji DVD+R 8X. I’ve seen that almost everyone use it at 12X.

I’ve read that generealy just checking the 12X in omnipatcher is not a good idea. So I though I could use the YUDEN000T03 strategy instead. But doing so did catastrophic results with PI in the millions and PO in the ten thousands…

If I burn them at 8X I get less catastrophic results but still unacceptable. (5000 PO)

If I use the YUDEN000T02 strategy at 8X I get wonderfull result with less then 5000 PI and less then 300 PO

Anyone know how to overspeed these media for my drive and if its even recommanded. Because I’ve seen that the liteOn SOHW-1673S don’t burn that well at fast speed.