How to overcome the 32GB HDD space limit with Win98SE?

I have a 80GB hdd and i dun wish to partition it.

anyone can help? :flower:

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Original Fdisk, that came with Win98SE has a [I]display [/I]problem with drives that are larger than 64 GB. Fortunately there is a fixed version of Fdisk available on

Also, there is a workaround if you are not able to get that fix:
Don’t enter the partition sizes (in Megabytes) directly, but use percentage values (e.g. “20%” for a 16 GB partition on a 80 GB HDD) instead. If you want to have the full disc as one partition, you’ll have to enter “100%”.


Are you sure it’s 98 that won’t see the HD? If I recall correctly, when I upgraded to a 40GB, from a 9GB HD, it was the bios on the motherboard that needed to be updated.
I have that computer as my upstairs computer and it is a K63 450 on a DFI K6BV3+ board (now running XP Pro, haven’t used 98 for several years).
I had to go to the DFI site and download a newer bios that was a 2001 version from the original 1999 version.
I can’t remember if there was a HD “limit” on 98, however, I have been known to be wrong several times before.


however, the above post is probably the right solution after all.

Moved from General Hardware to here. - even larger limits… but seriously… - this points to the two major large drive fixes, for the FDISK & Scandisk (with Phoenix drive translation) issues.

Also if BIOS support is lacking, try the drive manufacturer for an install utility (should also get round the FDISK issue) which can load a DDO (dynamic drive overlay) for latge drive support, or seek a BIOS update.