How to overclock with WinXP-NFS?


Can anyone tell me how to overclock my LiteOn 40125W series. I bought it today (If I only knew the 32 speed could do the same… ;-)) for € 77 (aprox. $73). I already upgraded it with the latest offical firmware (R40WS05).
But using WinXP and NTFS I cannot use a Win98 bootlfop or alike.

Inc. Ognito

Yes, you can. My OS is XP, file system is NTFS.

If you don’t want to create a bootdisk, just erase an old one, add the following files , Io.sys ,
MsDos.sys (they are there on a formatted in DOS diskette), mtkflash , xxxx.bin and that’s all you need for flashing.

the way i do it is use a windows me cdrom and set the bios to boot of cdrom restart pc select start pc with cdrom support remembering your floppy drive is now b drive put in your floppy with your bin file and mtkflash go into b: then run mtkflash but make sure you don`t have a cd in your drive

 cheers  spike

Thanx for the info ! It worked.
I choose to make a DOS bootflop under WinXP. (Strangely it created a WinME bootflop ;-)) Added the files and OC’ed without a problem.

Avg: 37.33x
Start: 22.30x
End: 49.10x

Superbe ! I saved € 47.00
40x = € 77
48x = € 124
(The 32x = € 68 but don’t know whether it’s the right one)

BTW; The guide-topic mentions to connect the burner to the Primairy IDE. But it really also works using the Secondairy IDE, so I didn’t have to open the PC.

Inc. Ognito

I don’t have any DOS floppy at all, can somebody supply the needed files so I could boot to DOS with a floppy ???

Try going to for a Win9x boot disk, they also have one specifically for BIOS updates, it is a DrDOS bootidsk, absolutely no frills.

Thx…that site is great…and just what I needed since xp wasn’t making a valid dos disc.