How to Overburn with HP8200? Swapping?



Unfortunately about a month after I installed my HP8200i I realized it can't overburn? If any knows how to (any new firmware?) then I would greatly appreciate it. I've heard one can use a swapping technique (switch an 80 min disk with a 74). I just don't wanna bother buying 80 min blanks all the time... thanx for the help



OveBurn into a HP 8100 CDR/W (and possibly other CDR/W also ?)

Caution…this might damage your CDR/W…

"…This trick might work on other CDR/W also…I placed 80minutes CD closed tray. After detecting CD size, i opened manually tray without button and replaced with 74 minutes CD and closed manually (with some strength) and started writing. HP8100 overburned CD up to 78.xxminutes. ( Hp8100 seems to not write more than 78.xx on any CD). CD has been created ok ! and without warning !

I used Easy CD Creator to do this, DAO mode. Also tray must be closed fast or cd will be not snipped. I also written twice on cd using this trick on CD-R, but cd is unreadable. HP8100i & Sony CRX-100 CD-Writers will only write a 80 minutes CD-R up to 786 minutes. So I know now why not writing more on 74min…"

[Source: CDR-Info page…]

note: I didn’t do this, so don’t ask me for details…

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