How to overburn DVD's?

My burner in BenQ 1655, and I use Nero 7 premium.
I read that its possible to overburn DVD’s up to 5gb, is that possible?
and if so, how please?
and is it DVD+R only that can be overburned, and not DVD-R?
(I also have BenQ Qsuite installed, though I don’t know how to use it)

Many thanks.

You can read about how to overburn with a BenQ DW1655 in the following thread:

BenQ DW1655/DW1650 overburning thread

You can overburn DVD+R media but not DVD-R and don’t expect to burn much more than 4600 MB (it depends on the media).

I have moved this thread from the Blank Media forum to the BenQ DVD Burner / Philips DVD Burner forum.