How to overburn a VCD Image file

I have an image file (.nrg) of a VCD disc that I want to burn. It needs to be overburned. I have set Nero to overburn but every time I try to actually burn, it spits the disc out and says it’s too small in capacity.

I’ve read other posts on here re: overburning, and I see that you have to set ISO and Modes, but the Burn Image dialog doesn’t allow me to do that anywhere that I can find…

Nero reports as:

Size of Image: 806MB (Duration 80:21.04)

Trk # Kind of Trk Size of Trk
1 Data (Mode 2) 1MB (600Kb)
2 Data (Mode 2) 705MB (721,958Kb)

I have Nero

ANY help is appreciated.