How to overburn a 80 min. CD to fit 5 avi files

Ok I know that Nero can overburn CD’s but sorry people, I havent done that before. So I’m kind of a newbie in this. I have some experience burning ISO’z and extracting images from protected CD’s but none experience about overburning.

This is my first time I going to try it, I’m doing this because I need it. So I wanna get as much information as possible 'cause I dont wanna damage my burner ( HP CD-Writer Plus 9300i ).

Could u tell me what and how I have to do it.

My problem is that I have 5 avi files, the size of them is 785 MB. obviously this doesn fit on a 80 min. CD

So could u tell me what I have to do, to burn those files in a CD of 80 min. I’d like to buy a 90min. CD rather doing this, but here in this country, those CD’s doesnt exist.

Thanks for ur help :confused:

785 on one 80min CD is impossible.

At best you could get 712-715Mb on one 80min CD with just overburning. else you need 90/99min discs.

In Nero:
File–>preferences–>expert options–>enable overburn and set the time to as much as you want to overburn.

When writing:
Under multisession tab: tick “No multisession”
Under burn tab: choose “Disc-at-once” and “finalize CD”

There you go…

Oh though this could be possible because I read a post here in the forum where a guy was saying a 800 MB CD could be overburned 'till 900 MB.

So is it impossible ?

Thx for ur reply :frowning:

No. You need oversized discs like 90 & 99 minute cd-r’s.

See this post too:

vishtaspa was having the same problem getting it to work for him.

785 on one 80min CD is impossible.

You could try the ‘audio-burn’ trick (storing the data as audio so that it uses little error correction).

of course, burn it slowly if you do this, as no error correction tends to have more possibilities for errors :wink: