How to open

I would like to know if there is a special method to open the 100 tape wrapped packages of TY disks without damaging them.
I will be getting some soon.

I just carefully peel the tape wrap off, then transfer the discs to empty 50 cakeboxes. Not a single disc damaged yet :wink:

Edit: half at a time, not all at once, 'cos then you run the risk of the discs spilling out everywhere, hehe.

they come in a sticky wrap that can be pulled open from the top as the top disc is a blank then simply pull down the wrap till it is off - I then put them into an empty cake box

I open them from the bottom instead, and then I slide e.g. a 50pc cakebok down on the stack of discs and grab whatever number of discs wil fit onto the spindle in the cakebox. And then I do the same thing with the next cakebox.

I just bought some of these and I simply put them on an empty 100pc spindle and then pulled off the packaging starting at the top. I flipped the spindle onto its side to pull out the wrap from around the bottom ‘disc’.

I don’t have 100 disc cakeboxes. :wink:
Anyway, I do it similar to [B]Drage[/B]'s way.

Me neither. And yeah, I shall adopt Drage’s method for future tape-wrapped purchases. :iagree:

Yeah if I was putting them into smaller spindles then DrageMester’s way sounds easy. It would work fine for a 100 spindle also.

I do the same thing, but with a 100pc spindle