How to open/use CDI files


I downloaded several CDI files, and would like to open their content into a folder, in order to burn the folder into a CD. unfortunately, I can’t. I have ‘ALCOHOL 120’ and ‘ISOpen’ on my PC, but each time I’m trying to open the CDI files with these programs, they give me “selected file is not a valid ISO” message.

what should I do to make it work?

Cdi files are DiscJuggler image files and can be burnt with alcohol using the image burning wizard.

There is no need to extract their content to your hard drive prior to burning, though, of course, you could do so if you first mounted the image files onto alcohol’s virtual drive.

So will the DiscJuggler solve my problem? I rather open up the image before just burning it, as I want to view its content and check everything’s ok with it before “spending” a CD.

Discjuggler will just burn the image files. If you want to examine the contents of the images before burning, mount them on alcohol’s virtual drive and then just look at the files in explorer.