How to open up nec2500a?

I’m having trouble trying to unscrew and open the lid of the NEc2500a. Does anyone know how to safely remove it because I don’t want to force anything and regret later.

Reason why I am opening it is becuase I accidently put the cleaning dr scratch fix thing on a cd and I dried it but I realized it wasn’t fully dry after I took out the cd, and now the dvd laser won’t read any dvds. I’d figure the coating got over the laser, and I have to clean the laser but not sure how to clean the laser or open the drive.

Any help would be appreciated. It’s a good piece of hardware, and I don’t want to put that to waste just because of a cleaning kit error.


Rule #1 - never use a socalled DVD lens cleaner in your Optical Drives-

There is just too great a chance that you can knock the laser out of alignment - rending the drive useless for anything-


Does it mean its hopless? or I can still get a chance to clean the laser?

I’m pretty sure the drive is hosed! Now it is worth a try to fix it, and it’s pretty easy to open. First, you use a paper clip in the little hole in the front, and eject the tray, and remove the tray’s face. Then you take a small flat head screwdriver, and push the little plastic tabs in that hold the faceplate on the front, while at the same time trying to pull the face off the drive. After you get the face off the drive, you take out the screws, and the top cover will come right off the drive. You should be able to see the laser without further disassembly, though you might have to move the tray. Use a Q-tip and some alcohol to clean the lense, and do it GENTLY. Try to keep the lense still (that’s impossible, but don’t movie it a lot), it takes very little pressure to hose the allignment of the laser! If the lense was eaten by the scratch remover stuff, you might as well chuck it! Also, that scratch remover might not come off (depending on what type it was), which means you’re hosed too! Your only hope if that stuff won’t come off easily is to use goof off! Now that stuff will EAT most plastics, and will probably eat your laser’s lense. It is a last resort, and don’t count on it working, it will probably WRECK the drive! It has a slight chance of working though, so I say try it! It’s junk now, what have you got to lose?!?!?! Good luck, hope that helps :iagree: :eek: .