How to open sony vaio pcg-v505bl laptop

the vaio fell down the stairs a few weeks back and screen cracked. so i replaced it from ebay - same part… but nothing shows up on screen. i even tried hooking up an external monitor but no go… there’s no signal from the laptop… think something might have either cracked or come loose. so i removed the processor and it indeed was loose. i fixed it… and now the laptop powers up and hard drive turns and cpu fan turns up after a minute but still nothing shows up on the screen… so now, i think the video card might be loose or something else is dislodged inside the laptop.

and so, i prepared to open it, and removed all the screws but it doesnt seem to pry apart. is there any website or manual or instructions somewhere to open the laptop. please help…


must be smth obvious, like a screw under the battery. Otherwise just pry it with a flat screwdriver.