How to open Saved project



Using Nero 7 Essentials, I spent ages adding files to a compilation from many and various CDs, then saved to HD. I need to add more files but when I open the saved project I am asked to insert the last CD used, then the previous one and so on and on. What can I do, did I do anything wrong? Never had any trouble with earlier version.


When you save a project, it only saves the file names and not the actual content, iirc.


Is that so

Guess I won’t Use Nero for saving half finished compilations in future.


You could rip the files using CDEx and save them to your HD and then build your compilation.


What is CDEx ? I believe I should have saved as an image in Nero. I have started a new compilation using [B]EAC[/B], saving as WAV files to HD. It’s the first time I have used this software and haven’t burnt to CD yet.


CDEx is another CD ripping program. It’s typically considered easier to use than EAC but has slightly laxer error control and correction. Both are good, I prefer CDEx.


can CDEx also be used for burning to CD If not what do you use for burning?


IDK, I use CDEx to rip to MP3, Nero to burn audio CDs and ImgBurn to burn MP3 CDs.


I need to convert /burn WAV to CDA CD and not sure which burner is best.