How To Open Plextor Enclosure?


Silly question here…but does anyone know how to open the Plextor 740/750/755 UF external enclosure? There is a screw in the back obviously, but other than that I can’t seem to figure out how to open the enclosure.

I am guessing there are some plastic tabs that need to be released somewhere, but I don’t want to randomly apply force and risk snapping anything off…

I had no problem figuring out how to open all the other original Plextor external drives, not sure why this one has me stumped hahaha


After removing the screw in the back, you have to remove the four rubber feet. After that it’s a matter of using a small flat head screwdriver or something similar on the tabs (visible in the gap on the sides between the top and bottom pieces of the enclosure). It’s not hard at all.


Thank you Two-Degrees! It was getting the rubber feet off, that was tricking me. I thought they were glued on or something, but once I figured out I could just pry them off, the rest of the case just sort of popped open! Thank you again for your help!